Thank you for visiting my page!

My name is Ben Winckler, and I LOVE photography. I have been blessed with a wonderful family of three. My wife Rachel of 5 years and my two beautiful daughters, Ellie Grace and Dakota Faith. We love being outdoors, currently at playgrounds and camping on the mountain!

I have grown up and lived my whole life in Wyoming, and I love it! Wyoming has so much to offer for photography, and I want to capture it. I have been shooting photos since I was in high school on a little compact Canon SD series, then upgraded to a Canon Rebel my wife bought me years ago, and now shoot on a mirrorless Fujifilm X-T1. I also enjoy shooting medium format film photography, some of the photos you will find on my website are film, taken on a Bronica ETR 120 and a Yashica MAT124. One day I dream to shoot photography as a full time job, but for now I only shoot during evenings and weekends.

Please check out my photos, if you like what you see, shoot me a message on the contact me page and setup a time to chat!